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15 Beautiful Wedding Venues in Accra

Wedding venues in Accra are sought after daily because weddings are always in season and in recent times, we love to see elaborate, luxurious, indulgent and scenic weddings in all shades, shapes and sizes. Finding a beautiful wedding venue for a wedding can be a very daunting task for a couple and even for their wedding and event planners.

A wedding venue can set the tone for the wedding ceremony of a couple’s dreams or mar their memory of what should have been the best day of their lives forever. In the grand scheme of things, it is considered one of the most important decisions a couple must make and it affects every single thing, from decor, photography, seating, vendor arrangement and guest experience. 

As your wedding whisperers, we have curated a list of what we believe are the most beautiful wedding venues in Accra.

  1. Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City:

Considered to be one of the creme de la creme hotels in Ghana, Kempinski is located at Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue, Accra. It offers amenities including, grand ballrooms, stunning garden spaces, spacious parking and several packages to choose from according to the couple’s guest list size and budget which makes it an ideal wedding venue for couples who like to go a bit extra. The packages come with access to the hotel grounds for the wedding shoot, space, food, bottled water, slicing and serving of wedding cake, complimentary menu tasting for the couple, etc.

  2.  Labadi Beach Hotel:

Located in Labadi, Accra, the hotel offers amenities including a vast and scenic beachfront, elegant banquet halls, parking space, and authentic Ghanaian or continental cuisine. The hotel offers both indoor and outdoor wedding spaces that seat between 300 and 800 guests. 

Reservations, bookings and payments are quoted in USD, however, there may be allowances for payments to be made in the Ghana cedi equivalent.  See attached: 

  3.  Movenpick Ambassador Hotel:

Nestled in the heart of Accra, the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel is located at Independence Avenue, Accra and is a 10-minute walk away from the Accra National Museum and 20 minutes away from the Kotoka International Airport if you are expecting international guests at your wedding. A couple has the option of choosing between their grand Piazza or lush gardens or their luxurious ballrooms to celebrate their special day. The spaces are designed with the perfect ambience and facilities including wifi for all areas, an expert events team for wedding planning, a delectable menu to choose from and so much more. to cater to small and exclusive weddings and large guest list with the perfect ambience and facilities.

  4.  Accra Marriott Hotel

It is a 5-star hotel nicknamed the Gateway to West Africa and is located on Liberation Road, Accra opposite Marina Mall, and a kilometre drive from Kotoka International Airport. The packages come with a wedding coordinator, the option to exchange vows in the Garden Gazebo with a reception in the Nkrumah Ballroom with a 500-member guest list in attendance, an onsite culinary team, and an airport shuttle for travelling guests, etc. For reservations or to contact the hotel staff, visit 

  5.  Villa Monticello Boutique Hotel:

This venue is ideal for a couple looking for a space that offers intimacy and can be used for both the wedding ceremony and reception. It is located at No. 1A Mankata Avenue, Accra and offers amenities including a garden terrace and parking space. 

  6.  Alisa Hotels:

Comprising two locations in the Greater Accra Region, one at North Ridge, Accra and the second in Accra, the hotels have more than 300 rooms put together making either location ideal for small or big weddings. The amenities include luxury accommodation, stylish and ultramodern banquet halls,  rooftop options and parking. To make a reservation, visit 

  7.  Tang Palace Hotel

Tang Palace Hotel is superb for small-sized weddings with a guest list between 90 and 200. Located at Borstal Avenue, Accra 3 kilometres from Kotoka International Airport, 4 kilometres from Accra Mall, and 5 kilometres from the National Museum of Ghana, this upscale hotel offers catering and decor services but is open to outsourced decor and catering vendors. A couple can also enjoy up to 50% discount off food depending on the packages chosen. 

  8.  Bojo Beach Hotel, Accra

Bojo Beach Resort Accra is located next to the Densu River Delta, Ramsar site and the Atlantic Ocean. It boasts banquet rooms, a gazebo area and other unique venues that offer a space for each occasion. Dreaming of that perfect extravagant beach wedding with all the stops then booking this space is a step in the right direction.  Visit this link to book 

  9.  Pearly Gate Garden

With an in-house team of florists who keep the garden in excellent shape all season, this venue offers a beautiful natural aesthetic to any decor a couple opts for on their big day. Added to that, is a lovely indoor space for lovers of exclusive and private weddings. The amenities include a large car park for attendees, wheelchair friendly environment, washrooms, a large multipurpose kitchen and security services. To make a reservation, visit 

  10.  The Savannah:

The Savannah is ideal for outdoor wedding lovers and it caters to couples who love a bespoke and intimate wedding ceremony. It is located at East Cantonments and is a 15-minute drive from Kotoka International Airport. The garden offers seating options between 300 and 500, specialised venue themes and unique decor and menu packages curated for the couple’s taste and style. View themes and decor style via, 

  11.  Unique Floral Centre:

Located at Adjiringanor, Accra, Unique Floral Centre offers a garden venue which seats 500 guests, an indoor space which seats up to 800 guests and parking space either at the Avenue or Tema Centre. 

Their offer includes decor and set-up services however they do not offer tailored price ranges until after consultations. The venue comes with washrooms for both guests and vendors, a kitchen area for vendors, air conditioning, changing rooms and a pool. To book a venue, click on 

 12.  Lotus Gardens Event Centre

Lotus Gardens is a garden-style events centre in East-Legon Adjiringanor, in Accra, Ghana. It is a versatile space that offers several services, including picnics, birthdays, engagements, and weddings. It offers a 300-guest capacity, lush-green turf grass, modern pristine bathrooms, a fully fitted kitchen, round-the-clock cleaning, a generator for uninterrupted service, complimentary wifi and security services. 

To view rates or make a booking, visit 

 13.  Queen’s Court Event Centre

If serenity and class are your keywords for your big day, then the Queen’s Court Event Centre located at East La (Tse Addo), behind the Trade Fair Centre, Accra, is the space for you. You can work with your decor team of choice to create your dream wedding ceremony. 

  14.  Cleaver House Ltd

Located on Barnes Road, Ridge, Accra, Cleaver House Ltd is originally a European residence that had been in existence since 1900 and has now been restored to its original grace and grandeur. The inviting space provides serenity, privacy, and a warm ambience which makes it the perfect space to create memories on a couple’s very special day. It offers an outdoor pool, on-site catering and restaurant, and both outdoor and private spaces for all events.  

  15.  The Velvet Green Garden

It is one of the few wedding venues in Ghana that has a pergola to take your wedding photo experience up a notch. It also has a beautiful well-tended green garden for the perfect garden wedding. It is situated at E.D. Sawa Avenue, East Legon, Ghana. You can view their Instagram page.

Wedding venues in Accra embody the city’s rich diversity and charm, offering you and your partner a range of options to celebrate your love. From elegant beachfront settings to culturally vibrant spaces, Accra provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable weddings. Whatever your dream wedding entails, Accra has the ideal venue to make your special day truly magical.

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