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15 Best Cake Shops in Accra

Are you a cake lover? Or have a loved one who is? Or maybe you are in a dilemma about where to find the best cake shops in Accra?  

Whether or not you find yourself in any of the brackets mentioned, this article will help you narrow your decision-making on which cake shops in Accra are worth banking on,

Everyone deserves to have a good cake-shopping experience, hence we scouted the whole of Accra for the very best of information to aid resolve your dilemma. 

Now, let’s take a deep dive into some of the finest cake shops in Accra, shall we?

Here are Some of the Best Cake Shops in Accra

  1. Knotting Wedding Cakes

When it comes to wedding and birthday cakes in Ghana, knotting cakes stand out as one of the best. Not only in taste but also in speed and delivery. Ever forgotten that important birthday and needed a cake done within hours? Then knotting cakes is the right choice for you. 

Simply chatting with the team via WhatsApp will allow you to share all the necessary details so then can craft the most mouthwatering cake in Ghana. Place your order today.

Knotting Cakes

   2. NIS Cakes & More 

With a 4.9 review, NIS Cakes and More is one of the well-known cake brands in  Ghana located at Martey Ave in Accra and offers a 24-hour service. NIS Cakes and More offers various types of cakes from cakes in cups to gigantic cakes and at various prices. 

NIS Cakes & More 

   3. Temmy House of Cakes

Temmy House of Cakes is a bakery located at Anyaa-Awoshie Road, Accra. Temmy House of Cakes offers birthday, wedding, anniversary and Thanksgiving cakes in preferred sizes. They also offer a 24-hour service and great customer service. 

Temmy House of Cakes

   4. The Bakers Bar

The Bakers Bar is a bakery known to offer cakes on the go, as well as well-crafted and customised cakes. Aside, from serving inviting cakes, they also provide cake consultancy internationally. 

Hence, if you are interested in learning some skills to DIY your next cake, then you know where to go.

The Bakers Bar

   5. Cookie’s Bakes

Cookie’s Bakes provides very tasty and affordable bento cakes, so if you are interested do check them out.

Cookie’s Bakes is located at N11 Coastal Estates, Accra.

Cookie's Bakes

  6. Kakes N Bakes

Located in East Legon is Kakes N Bakes, a bakery known for its exceptional custom cake designs. Kakes N Bakes provides cupcakes, weddings and custom cakes.

Kakes N Bakes

  7. Kareena Cakes

Looking for a simple, delicious cake from an award-winning cakery you should give Kareena Cakes a try and leave a comment on your experience. We are certain you will love it.

Kareena Cakes

  8. Pink Panda Bakery Shop

Pink Panda Bakery Shop bakes a variety of cakes – cheese, carrot, red velvet, pound and banana cakes for weddings and various special occasions making each occasion extra tasty with their cakes.

Pink Panda Bakery Shop

  9. Wini’s Cakes and Bakes

Wini’s Cakes and Bakes is a bakery located at Alajo 8th Link near the Tobinco Apartment complex. They offer various types of cakes and we definitely recommend a try.

Wini's Cakes and Bakes

  10. Elsus Bakery

With a 4.7 rating, Elsus Bakery offers mouth-savouring cakes and pastries around Haatso, Mabey St, Accra and beyond. Aside from cakes, Elsus Bakery bakes bread, doughnuts and other pastries.

Elsus Bakery

  11. Cake City Ghana

Cake City Ghana is a home-based bakery that offers cupcakes, pastries, birthday and wedding cakes as well as service drinks and bread. They are located at East Legon, Trinity Avenue opposite the National Accreditation Board/ Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana.

Cake City Ghana

  12. Shoprite Cakes

For simple and affordable cakes you could give Shoprite a try. All branches of Shoprite- Achimota Mall, Accra Mall and West Hills Mall have great cakes available for purchase.

Shoprite Cakes

  13. Bakeshop Classics

Bakeshop Classics is an exceptional pastry shop with delicious cakes, cookies, bread and pastries. They pride themselves on their extraordinary customer service. Bakeshop Classics has a branch at Spintex, next to King Rosie Plaza and a Labadi branch behind the trade fair, near Zenith College.

Bakeshop Classics

  14. Eat by Zoe

Eat by Zoe is a cakery and dessert shop open from 8 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Saturdays. They are located at East Cantonments, Accra. Eat by Zoe offers customised and neatly designed finger-licking cakes.

Eat by Zoe

  15. Cupcake Boutique

Cupcake Boutique is a known bakery that specialises in making tasty cupcakes and other pastries. They also bake cakes for various occasions like birthdays. Cupcake Boutique is open to both same-day and scheduled orders.

Cupcake Boutique

Other Great Bakeries in Accra

Accra is full of amazing and great cake shops. Aside from the above list of cake shops, Treasure Bakery, Lizzfrimps Cakes Empire Gh, Merlys Cakes & Desserts and Sugar N Spice are also exceptional in making flavoursome cakes.

The list above is compiled based on several criteria, which establish the general attributes of a reputable cake shop in Accra. Below, we outline a few of these criteria.

What Defines a Good Cake Shop?

In general, cake shops are not hard to find, especially in such an era where everything is a search button or a click away. 

The problem is, finding a cake shop near you can trust for the best services and considers your budget and taste buds.

Let’s talk a little more about what makes a cake shop worth your while.

  1. Good and Delicious Cake

Every cake-loving taste bud deserves to taste good cake and yours is no exception. A good cake looks just the way it tastes – delicious. It has a velvety texture, does not crumble and has a symmetric look.

  2. Skillful and Experienced Staff

There is no limit to what a skilful baker can do. We have seen customised cake designs that have blown us away and they depict how versatile an experienced baker can be.  

No matter your budget, a skilled baker can bake you a cake to suit it. Some budget-friendly cakes are bento and one-tiered cakes. Let’s take a quick detour to explore the average price ranges of such cakes.

How Much is a Small Birthday Cake?

You can estimate a cost ranging from GHC 250 to GHC 600 if you’re in search of a budget-friendly birthday cake. Depending on the bakery you choose for your cake shopping, the cost may be slightly higher or lower.

However, this budget can get you a beautiful birthday cake for yourself or a loved one.

How Much is a Bento Cake in Ghana?

Do you have a very small budget yet want to order a cake? Try the bento cake. Bento cakes are usually 4 inches in width and 250 – 300g in weight, they could be made as big as 6 inches by choice.

With a budget ranging from GHC 90 – GHC 150,  you can feed up to two people with a neatly decorated bento cake.

   3. Customer Service

What gives any business great reviews is its customer service and it’s no different for cake shops. No matter how mouth-watering a bakery’s cake is, poor customer service can drive you away never to return.

Hence, social proof was a great deal and one of the primary metrics we used in selecting the 15 best cake shops in Accra. Take a look at these great shops, identify one that suits your location and piques your interest and shop away.

Take Away

It’s not a secret that cakes customised or made for special occasions such as weddings could add an extra expense to an already expensive wedding. 

However, it’s important to note that not all expensive cakes match the value placed on them. Price does not mean great taste. So don’t empty your pockets for extra expensive cake shops in Accra with such expectations, let knotting help you plan a budget-friendly yet dreamy wedding. If you are in the process of planning your wedding, then this free guide will help you in planning all the aspects of your wedding. Get the free guide to getting married book and prepare well for your wedding and marriage.


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