Engagement Dresses in Ghana

Engagements ceremonies in Ghana are not complete without seeing some of the colourful engagement dresses in Ghana. The union of two families is a big enough occasion to showcase some of the best kente styles for ladies and other engagement dresses for men.

The engagement Kente styles are simply the best. They are simple engagement dresses that speak volumes. A lot of attention is given to the engagement dresses of the bride and groom to be on their special day. Here are some engagement dresses in Ghana to choose from. From kente styles to lace designs.

Engagement Dresses in Ghana 2020

a beautiful kaba and slit style with lace design.

Kente communicates a strong sense of royalty.  A typical kente outfit complemented by local Ghanaian beads is part of the options of engagement dresses in Ghana.

A beautiful long dress made from floral African print. Engagement dresses in Ghana can also look like this.

A sweetheart kaba style  and long skirt(slit) made from Kente can be an engagement dress for the bride.

Engagement Dresses for Couple

Engagement Dresses for Couple

Engagement Dress for couple in the same African Kente print.Engagement Dresses for Couple

Beautiful kente design for couple. Engagement dresses in Ghana can have the husband and wife both clothed in the same print.

Engagement Dresses for Couple

Engagement attire for couples can take a different form. Bride in beautiful kaba and slit style and Groom in a decent kaftan with a touch of  Kente print.

Engagement Dresses for Couple

Engagement Dresses for Couple: Traditional bride in a maxi dress made from satin and a touch of  Kente print.

Engagement Dresses for Couple

If you’re looking for  different engagement dresses in Ghana from the usual, you could consider this style. Groom in white kaftan and  bride  in  beautiful beaded kente attire.

Engagement Dresses for Couple

Engagement Dresses for Couple: Off shoulder Kente kaba style for bride while groom shows off short sleeve kaftan with thin Kente pocket handkercher.

kente styles for engagement 2020

kente styles for engagement

stylish long engagement dress with neckline designed with lace fabric. Such engagement dresses in Ghana are uncommon but are definitely gorgeous.

engagement dresses in Ghana

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant style inspiration, you could consider this style right here. This a long dress made from lace with designs made from plain African material.


stylish kente dress

Stylish modern deep cut straight dress  made from African print. This style can serve multiple functions. It can be worn as a wedding guest attire and also as a bride’s engagement dress.

engagement dresses in Ghana

engagement dresses in Ghana. Ghanaians brides have in recent times adopted Nigerian styles.  This is a style inspiration of a lace  peplum blouse and long African print skirt.

engagement dresses in Ghana

A simple long engagement dress from African print. This style is ideal for brides that do not want the usual kente engagement dresses in Ghana.

engagement dresses in Ghana

Lace is a go-to when considering engagement dresses in Ghana. This is an example of a beautiful straight dress made with lace fabric and complemented with gele.

engagement dresses in Ghana

Another beautiful sample of engagement dresses in Ghana made from pure lace. Lace style is a peplum blouse over a long skirt with a slit.

engagement dresses in Ghana

Engagement dresses in Ghana can be made from  lace fabrics. To add elegance the dress is  complemented by local  head gear.

Pictures source: seeker match.com

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