How To Plan An Extraordinary Baby Shower In Ghana- 7 Easy Steps

Planning a baby shower can be a very daunting task especially in a country like Ghana, where it’s not common. While it is an exciting event, it can go all wrong if proper plans are not put underway. A baby shower can either take place a few weeks before or after the delivery of a baby though it is usually done before the arrival of a baby. Babies are wonderful gifts that introduce joy into families therefore their arrivals are worth celebrating.

A baby shower is commonly hosted by a close relative or friend of the expectant mother but in recent times, you’ll find that expectant mothers can plan and host their own baby showers.

Since you’re here to know about all that goes into a baby shower, let’s step right into helping you plan a festive and memory-lasting baby shower.

Set The Appropriate Time For The Baby Shower

As a host of the baby shower , you’d have to take time into consideration. Whether you plan to have the shower before or after baby delivery, the time has to be decided at least a few months before the program. Should you want to host it before the baby arrives, then two or three months before the baby’s arrival would be ideal.


Choose A Suitable  Location

You should have in mind that the baby shower is meant for the new mother or expectant mother. It is best to consider what the mother would love. What does she fancy? Lovely home decorations, a serene café, a colorful restaurant. Choose a venue the mother would love; of course taking into consideration the number of guests to be invited and costs involved in securing a location.




Set A Theme

This can be omitted if you’re not sure whether the baby is male or female. If you’re sure however, then that can inform the theme (colours and decorations inclusive) of the shower. 


Baby Shower Theme for a Baby Boy


Baby Shower Theme For a Baby Girl

Send Out Invitations To Friends and Family

The mother must be involved in this process. Since pregnancy and childbirth are quite sensitive, the mother may prefer only close relatives into her circle for the celebration of a new life. Be sure to involve the mother in every step of the invitation process.


Get The Baby Shower Exciting With Food and Games

Usually, it is the meals and games that makes an event exciting. Since the arrival of a baby is a moment of rejoicing and celebrations, it is important to introduce fun games when planning. Break the ice with a  few brain teasers, some scrabble etc. Anything to make the shower worth remembering. With regards to food, a caterer can be hired or even bake simple desserts. It need not be extremely elaborate. Include small chops to share with every guest and also make sure to include the mother’s favorite snacks and meals. It could be little bowls of ice-cream, chocolates or even a few bottles of champagne(preferably non-alcoholic)



Serve lots and lots of food

Create a Guest Book and Have A Photographer

It’s all about celebrations and making memories really. A guest book where all the guests can sign and write their well wishes and advice is ideal for memory keeps. While this is optional, a few years after all the mother will have will be a memory of the guests that attended and pictures.

If you’re looking to cut down on expenses without hiring a professional photographer then get a phone with good camera quality to take photos or assign someone to take pictures and videos.

Photos and videos add to keeping memories.


Be Thankful To Your Guests

Remember that a baby shower is never complete without guests. Celebrations are always worthwhile because guests are present. You need to show appreciation to your guests after the event. Give out  freebies,thank you cards or some souvenirs. Souvenirs can be customized towels, mugs etc. 


Organizing and hosting a baby shower can be exciting and stress-free if you have the right plans in place. The above should help you have an extraordinary planning.

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