Looking for the best prices of wedding rings in Ghana? Yes? Then you’re on the right page. I would encourage you to carefully read through this article. You know, it is so easy to ignore the prices of wedding rings in Ghana when you’re planning a wedding.  Isn’t it interesting that it is also one of the major components necessary for and after a wedding? I mean think about it! All the planning for wedding decorations, and food for guests all disappear later on the wedding day.

The only thing left as proof that you’re actually married is your wedding ring.


Undoubtedly, getting the best prices of wedding rings in Ghana can be altogether frustrating especially when your big day is approaching and you’re still not settled on what type of ring you want for you and your partner.

As, if the fact that jewellers that make the best wedding rings in Ghana are few isn’t enough!  Many good jewellers lack an online presence. Worse of all, you’ll hardly find any reviews online making it extremely difficult to find a good estimate of prices of wedding rings in Ghana. But don’t worry! That is the very reason I’ve put this article together just for you. 

You cannot afford to wear just any wedding ring. Your wedding ring is a big statement. Rings convey a lot of meaning to people. Aside from the obvious reason of durability, you might want to get a wedding ring that your skin is comfortable with. Quality wedding rings are made from pure materials and are consequently friendly on your skin and come at a cost.

prices-of-wedding-rings-in Ghana

That notwithstanding, it is possible to get quality wedding rings at an affordable price.

More often than not, the prices of wedding rings in Ghana are dependent on factors such as cost of metal used, the ring design, the jeweller’s pricing, etc. 

Here’s a list of some of the best prices of wedding rings in Ghana sampled from different jewellery shops at different locations within Ghana:

Different Prices of Wedding rings in Ghana Collated from different Jewelers

Weight in grams 7g 8g 9g 10g 12g 13g 14g 18g 19g 20g 22g 25g


$560 $800 $800 $800 $1040 $1040 $1120 $1490 $1570 $1650 $1840 $2000
Silver $70 $100 $170 $100 $200 $130 $140 $230 $240 $250 $300 $335


  Price in GHS (Ghana Cedis)
Gold 3500 and above
Silver 750 and above
White Gold 4000 and above


Sterling Silver Classic Royal Silver Brown Silver Gold Silver Marker Silver square Sterling silver Sterling silver 2 Wedding ring
Price in GHS

(Ghana Cedis)

GHS 500 GHS 500 GHS 500 GHS 500 GHS 450 GHS 500 GHS







Gold rings 10k 14k 18k Rose gold
Prices GHS 3000 GHS 4000 GHS 4800 GHS 350


Please take note that the prices of wedding rings quoted can vary depending on the ring design and many other factors as specified by the jeweller.


Silver wedding rings for couples


Wedding rings made from white gold

Where to get wedding rings in Ghana

There are places in Ghana where you can get good quality wedding rings to buy. We recommend that you avoid the wayside sellers. Some of those rings are quoted and not quality. The list below gives you the contact details of various companies from which you can purchase your wedding rings from. 

Best wedding ring shops in Accra

9K Jewelry: Whether you’re seeking the perfect wedding rings to mark your eternal bond or a stunning engagement ring that captures the magic of your love story, our collection has something for everyone. Each piece is meticulously designed to shine bright, just like you.Others include Kofi-Sela Jewelry,  GoldPot Jewellery on Oak Street in Accra , Morgan Touch Jewellery, Asanka Jewellery Ltd, Rings4less, Emefa Jewelry and City Gold inside Makola.

Buy wedding rings in Kumasi 


Doxazo Jewelry: Located at Bomso in Kumasi, Doxazo jewelry specializes in gold and silver rings. Visit Doxazo Jewelry to view all the amazing designs.

 A plus Jeweler:  A Plus Jeweler is located inside the Cultural Centre in Kumasi. They specialize in gold, silver and white gold wedding rings. Aplus jeweler is on Facebook. Contact them for more details

Agyaba jewelry: Located at Adum, Agyaba jewelry has been in the jewelry making business for over 10 years. Agyaba is known for quality and affordable products. All wedding ring types can be found at Agyaba jewelry. Have a look at thor online shop Agyaba jewelry

Other jewelers in Kumasi include:

St. Ben jewelry located inside Amakom and Modern AGE jewelry located at Bantama, Kumasi. 

Buy wedding rings in Takoradi

J.C jewelry: J.C jewelry is located in Takoradi. J.C jewelry specializes in gold wedding rings. All rings are made with love. If you’re looking for that ring sparkle for your big day. You definitely have them as a good option. Wedding ring prices at J.C jewelry are dependent on factors such as: ring design and weight of metal.. Gold rings at J.C jewelries are 18-carat and above depending on the customer’s preference. You can contact J.C jewelry on +233-24 382 6283

Adepa Jewelry Consult: Adepa Jewelry specialises in all wedding ring types and  is located inside the housing street in Takoradi. Contact them on +23324- 207- 3990

B.S Jewelleries: B.S jewelleries deals in all types of jewellery including wedding rings. You can find them on Facebook at B.S jewelleries

Other jewelry shops include Passion Jewelry located in the 31 market circle in Takoradi and Capricorn jewelry.

Buy wedding rings in Tamale


Queens Jewelry: Located in Tamale, Queens jewelry specialises in all types of wedding rings.

Buy wedding rings in Capecoast

Fasta Jewelry: It is located at Mankessim in the Central Region. Fasta jewelry is an expert in all types of quality wedding rings. You definitely have Fasta as a great option when choosing a jeweler for your wedding rings.

Other jewellery shops include: Janaj jewelry located inside Kasoa and American Swiss jewellery located inside the West Hills Mall , Weija.

Buy wedding rings in Tema

Universal Jewelry: It’s located in Ashaiman. You can find any wedding ring type of your choice at Universal Jewelry. Contact them on 054 749 1751

9twenty5: 9twenty5 is a jewelry shop which is located at Sakumono. At 9twenty5, you can find all wedding ring types. Check out their website here 9twenty5

Other jewelry shops in Tema include:

Thy Will Jewelry, Vas Designs and Nyameye Jewelry Hub

Buy wedding rings in Ho

Glory Gold and Jewelry Shop: Located on the  Nutsunyoroad, Glory Gold has all types of jewelry including wedding rings.

Buy wedding rings in Sunyani

Nicky’s Jewelry and Bridal Shop: At Nicky’s jewelry, you’ll find all types of wedding rings. Nicky’s jewel is located at the old station, Sunyani GPRTU building. Contact them on 054 230 0371

Pouda and Dansoba Jewelry: Located at Bibiani, they specialise in gold wedding rings of all designs. You can reach Pouda and Dansoba on  055 837 1446



Now I am very sure you have a fair idea of the prices of wedding rings in Ghana. Next time you need any kind of information about weddings, don’t hesitate to come here. will serve you with all you need to know. I can’t wait to have you reading the next blog post. Oh! Congratulations if you’re getting married. Make your journey to marital bliss stress-free and culturally rich with our indispensable guide tailored for couples about to tie the knot in Ghana or with a Ghanaian partner.

From the traditional knocking ceremony to the grand wedding celebration and court weddings, our comprehensive resource provides step-by-step guidance and current price estimates for each ceremony, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every milestone. Don’t just plan a wedding; plan an unforgettable cultural experience that reflects the beauty of Ghanaian traditions. Download our guide now and embark on your wedding planning journey with confidence, cultural understanding, and the assurance of a magical celebration awaiting you. Your happily ever after starts here!

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