Kofi Annan
Abena Frimpong


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Wedding date

21st November 2020

So she became his wife… And he loved her
Genesis 24:67

Wedding venue

The Church of Pentecost, Bethel Assembly, Asensu Bar – Ashaiman

Reception venue

The Church of Pentecost, James Mckeown Temple, Ashaiman

The Bride

I promise to love you every day for the rest of my life, even when it gets hard. But knowing us, it’s going to be way more good times than bad and way more smiles than tears. I am so thankful for you. You aren’t just the man of my dreams—you’re the man beyond my wildest dreams I have been praying for since I was a little girl. Since before we met, a passion for God had characterized you and that is what I found (and still do) find attractive about you. St. Paul tells us that marriage is “a mystery of Christ and His Church,” meaning that our marriage is a foretaste of the external union we will experience with God in Heaven. I am truly blessed and humbled that God gave me you to experience a lifetime of treasuring Christ and all the bittersweet moments together in marriage. Nana, since our first date, I knew I was in for a prominent adventure. Over the past years, you have grown to be my best friend, the first and last person I think about as the sun rises and sets. You have always reminded me about God’s love and timing when days got tough, but most importantly you have taught me to love you more than I love myself. As scriptures states, “We love because he first loved us,” has a bigger and an utterly different meaning in my heart.

As your wife, I promise to stand by you, love you unconditionally, and honor you as my Husband. You are now my whole heart and my love for you perseveres like Jesus. I know that there are not enough words that I can use to express the love I have for you, but I will spend my life showing you that I will live the words, “I do,” today, tomorrow, and forevermore.


your soon to be Wife, Beezy

The Groom

Beezy … I never thought this day would come. I have dreamed of it from the day I expressed my desire for you even though we have been friends for a long time before then. Until now, it has only been as a soft whisper of glorious things, beautiful things to come that I could not imagine it then. But oh, how that whisper stirred in me a longing for this day and kindled in me a desire to know no other days, if only I might know this one! And at long last, it is here!

Our wedding day is upon us, and I realize that it is not this day alone that I have longed for, but for all the days to follow when we will be united together in a divine union, never to part in this life but to live all our days inseparably bound together—and what a great joy and sweet delight it will be! Bertha, there are no adequate words to express the joy welling up inside me. That God should look upon me, a wretch in my own ways, with the unmerited favor of a son and delight to give to me the most beautiful woman in all the earth makes me to stand in awestruck wonder of His infinite grace and boundless goodness! You truly are the most beautiful and the most beautiful by far to me, sweet girl. Your beauty is inexhaustible and unfading because it flows from a deep inner spring that is rich with a love for Christ, and I am overjoyed that I will spend a lifetime discovering its fullness and exploring its depths, though I am sure that there is such abundant beauty within you that there will be beauty still unknown to me the day I depart from this life. I am so desperate for a bountiful measure of God’s grace. I have been entrusted with a task too great for me, for in my own strength I cannot love you as our Lord loves His bride. Yet that is my desire—to love you out of the endless love with which Christ has loved me, to consider your needs above my own as Christ has considered my dire estate in sin and stepped down from Heaven to rescue me, to strive always, even at great cost to myself, for your good as Christ has striven to take hold of me, to love and cherish you unto death as Christ has loved me even through the unthinkable pains of Calvary, and to lead you into the arms of the Father to find that which is truly life as Christ, in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension has reconciled me to the Father whom I once hated in my sin but now I love because He first loved me.

Gift the couple something special

Your love, joy and prayers for us is gift enough, but if you wish to bless us even more, a monetary gift would be very much appreciated. Please contact us directly for gifting options.


We really wish you could be with us in person during this grand occasion in our lives. However, if you will not be able to attend due to the current global situation, we have made arrangements to make sure you are not left out. We will keep you updated on this website with live updates of the event.

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November 5, 2020 1:23 pm

Congrats Abena and Kofi! God bless your union.

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