Simple But Classy Wedding Decorations in Ghana

You’ve probably seen wedding decorations in Ghana that either astounded you or didn’t appeal to you. Wedding decorations come in a variety of forms; they require a great deal of consideration. You may be concerned that wedding decorations are expensive –in some cases. In this article, we’ll discuss wedding decorations in Ghana in further detail, including how to decorate your wedding on a budget and still have a  simple yet classy event. 

How Can You Decorate Your Wedding on a Budget?

Cutting expenses is common in today’s weddings, and there are many ways to do so with your wedding decorations. Check out these six ways to cut costs on wedding decorations so you can have a memorable day on a shoestring budget.


1.  Make Use of Artificial Flowers

Real flowers can be extremely expensive, and they will wither over time. Why not attempt artificial flowers for wedding decorations if you’re looking for a strategy to save money on your wedding decor? They won’t wither and can be reused. There are a plethora of basic tutorials available on the internet that will educate you on how to do it yourself.


2. Rent Items

Wedding rentals are a cost-effective option. There is a multitude of leasing alternatives available for a quarter of the full price. You’ll also save money as a result of this. Some of the products purchased are more suitable for a one-day exhibition, in which case you can simply rent them.


3. Visit secondhand shops

For wedding decorations in Ghana, the chances of finding secondhand items are high. Secondhand products are nothing new to Ghanaians. While renting key wedding items is usually a smart option, some unique items may be unavailable for rental. Rather than purchasing new items, go to a thrift store to save money. Even with thrift stores, you never know what you’ll find. 


4. Participate in DIYs

Cost is saved by performing the work yourself. While it may be tempting to pay more money for ease, I strongly advise you to consider doing your own creation. Even if you’re not doing everything yourself, you can add some extra details occasionally. You can build flower crowns, ribbon flowers, and a photo wall.



5. Make Use of What You Have at Home

Search within your home for ways to decorate your wedding reception using items you already have. You’ll save money while also ensuring that your wedding is uniquely yours as some of the items you utilise may have sentimental value or emotions attached to them. If you don’t think you have much to display, don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for help.


6. Seek Assistance

It can be tiresome and time-consuming to make all of your decorations yourself. Your relatives and friends can all pitch in to help.  Invite members of your wedding party like bridesmaids and groomsmen to assist with the decoration process. You might be amazed by their level of creativity.

What decorations do you have at a wedding?

Wedding decorations in Ghana

What kinds of decorations should you keep in mind? Below gives you a brief checklist

1. Flowers and Floral Wedding Decor

What are wedding decorations if they don’t include flowers? Whether those are real or artificial flowers, I believe we can all admit, that flowers are the most prevalent method to decorate weddings. 

2. Wedding Labels

Beautifully crafted signs and labels are now not only extremely trendy and also extremely useful for weddings.

3. Reception Decorations

Wedding receptions are an important element of every wedding. So, what kind of decor are you going for? Some instances are as follows:

  • Chair decorations for bride and groom
  • Guestbook 
  • Gift table
  • Stand for Wedding Cake
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Showcase of photographs
  • Cutlery set and paper towel
  • Portable bathrooms

You can also check out our article on ten beautiful weddings in Ghana. This can assist you in making a list of wedding decorations items.

Simple Wedding Decorations  in Ghana

Ghanaian decorations are divided into two categories: African-themed and Western-themed.

Ghanaian traditional wedding décor is characterised by traditional themes. It does, however, have certain characteristics of a western wedding.




With the Western-themed decoration, part of the decoration can be considered modern. 

Despite the two types of wedding decorations available in Ghana, there are also garden wedding decorations available regardless of the theme. Perhaps you’d love to have a lot of green at your wedding, so why not go with a garden wedding decoration? 

Click here to see a range of garden wedding decoration venues in Ghana and pick the one that you prefer the most.

Wedding Decoration Prices in Ghana

The cost of a wedding varies by organisation and item. Click here to see a list of prices for wedding decorations and choose the one you believe you can afford. You will not only be aware of the costs, but you will also be aware of where to obtain wedding decoration items. However, you should be aware that the average price for wedding decorations in Ghana is about GH₵ 4,000.


Wedding Decorations in Kumasi

For those in Kumasi, you don’t need to have a wedding planner come all the way from Accra or any other region to help you to decorate. There are equally great wedding decorations in Kumasi. You will also find some impressive pictures. Decide amongst them and choose your preferred wedding decoration.

Take command of your wedding decorations.   Planning your wedding decorations might be stressful, I mean, everything must be perfect, to the last detail, right? You may also want to capture the moment and have the entire world experience your wedding. Contact the Knotting Wedding Organiser to help you organise, save money on printing invites, provide an outstanding RSVP service so you know your exact guest count, and use their page to display photographs and videos from your wedding. All of this is available in cost-effective packages. If you are planning an upcoming wedding this year, contact Knotting today.


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